CROWN WINDOWS: We Manufacture and Install Since 1955

Crown Windows are made to handle Michigan’s weather extremes. Each window we build is engineered and finely tuned to meet your every need, with flexible options and on all project scales. With over 60 years of window experience , Crown Windows are the perfect solution for homes, apartment complexes, and other commercial projects!

Flexible Options with Crown Windows

Under Low-E Sealed Glass, replace The Michigan Window with Crown Windows, also remove “no-metal” and change the final sentence to Super Spacer® is far less conductive than standard aluminum spacers.

Crown Stops Air Infiltration

The Michigan Window incorporates high quality  air sealing technology. Our advanced system ensures that air infiltration is limited to maintain the highest level of internal climate control.

Superior Performance

Innergy® Rigid Thermal Reinforcements are advanced fiber glass reinforced resin inserts, designed for greater strength and structural reinforcement and insulation.

Virtually impermeable to cold or heat and extremely resistant to condensation.

High Performance Vinyl

SunShield® is a proprietary high-performance vinyl compound developed by the material scientists at Deceuninck North America.

SunShield ensures long-lasting color retention and low maintenance and is uniquely formulated to withstand the harsh effects of weather, ultraviolet light and sun exposure.

Low-E Sealed Glass

The Michigan Window offers low-e sealed glass with Super Spacer® warm edge technology.

NO-Metal Super Spacer® blocks the heat escape path and protects the glass edge from moisture and condensation. Super Spacer® is up to 950 times less conductive than standard aluminum spacers.

A National Network

Earthwise Group is a national network of locally owned, independent manufacturers who design and build high‐quality windows and doors. And Crown Windows & Sunrooms  is the only Earthwise window manufacturer in Michigan.

Our products are the first and only window and door products to be Made in USA Certified.

Window Styles for Every Home and Every Need

ALSO AVAILABLE:  Bay Windows, Bow Windows, Picture Windows, Custom Shape Windows and Patio Doors

Crown Windows are engineered and finely tuned to combat the coldest winters and the hottest summers. We have combined over 60 years of window experience with flexible, optional features including low-e glass, Super Spacer technology or foam-filled frames. Your replacement windows can be valuable upgrade to your project, and Crown Windows are simply better windows at an even better price.